Where is the joined-up vision?

The Better Junctions announcement seems to have been timed to interfere with the London Assembly Transport Committee’s Cycling Report. Why make an announcement when the plans are not ready?

Here are two questions:

1. Why has the announcement been made before the London Cycling Standards Manual has been released?

2. How do these junctions relate to the Central London Cycling Grid?

Why for example has the St.Paul Gyratory been chosen, which does not form part of the Grid, and not the Holborn Gyratory which forms part of one of the most important Grid routes, the Clerkenwell Boulevard?

Similarly, what is the point of spending money on the Great Portland Street Gyratory? Would it not be much better to fix the Euston Road where the  North South Grid routes cross it, to ensure safety and speed?

Again, how do the half-baked designs for King’s Cross fit with the North-South Central Cycle Super Highway planned there?

I could go on. If there is no joined-up thinking, the Mayor would be yet again wasting millions of our money, with little improvement in cycling safety.

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