My Manifesto as Pedestrian Champion

The London Assembly Transport Committee has issued a report on Pedestrian Safety “Feet First”.

I endorse the Committee’s recommendations:

Adopt a Vision Zero approach to eliminating road death and injury,
Appoint a senior representative to champion walking (a similar role to that of Andrew Gilligan for cycling),
Use an assumed walking speed of 0.8 metres per second to calculate minimum crossing times and audit sites where Green Man times have changed,
Provide monthly data on pedestrian deaths and serious injuries,
Develop plans to improve 24 pedestrian collision hotspots by October 2014,
Publish a timescale for implementing 20mph speed limits, Improve the safety record of large vehicles,
Ensure road crime is included in Met crime statistics.

If nominated, I would happily accept the post of Pedestrian Champion.

This would be my Manifesto

– Encourage TfL to put Active Travel at the core of all their operations, and adopt a Vision ZERO approach.

– Rule 170 – We need a strong publicity drive, backed up by energetic Police action to eliminate the scourge of turning vehicles which do not yield to pedestrians. This is a key “broken windows” policy. It will radically change motorists behaviour;

– Encourage the replacement of many signalised pedestrian crossings with zebra crossings;

– Ensure that traffic signal phasing is proportional to all road users flows, of adequate duration for pedestrians, and, if user-operated, immediately responsive;

– Ensure that pedestrian desire lines are respected whenever designing crossings, especially around Parks and Schools.

– Ensure that all pedestrian KSIs are properly investigated, both in respect to human behaviour and infrastructure failures;

– Pressure TfL to enact motor traffic bans on High Pollution days and engage with all Local Authorities to limit the contribution of motor traffic to poor air quality

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