The English population has been brainwashed in believing that someone driving a motor vehicle has more rights than some on foot and that if pedestrians are killed it is because they did not look.

On 27.04 a man in his 30s was killed by a lorry driver as he was crossing the road in front of Wimbledon Station. The station is full of shops and the buildings opposite are full of shops. This is an area with heavy pedestrian traffic.

They have only six seconds to cross

But the authorities have decided to allow heavy motor traffic to drive through this area, creating pollution and danger to ordinary citizens (notice where car has stopped above).

Not only they are allowing this inappropriate use of public space, they are actually encouraging lazy people to use motorised transport to the detriment of normal people who walk and cycle. If you want to cross this junction from or to the station, the authorities have installed a set of traffic lights which are green for only 6 seconds and force you to wait in the middle island (red) for another phase. The red phases last 45 seconds.

So on average it takes a minute to cross the street. Whereas if you are a lazy driver, the authorities award you with 80% of the traffic light phase; and there are sufficient unscrupolous people to take advantage of this injustice, with this effect:

This is an insult to ordinary citizens. This is fascism in practice.

First they take your rights away.
Then, if you dare to ignore their injustice, they kill you.
Finally they blame you; and they have managed to brainwash a significant section of the population that blame is pervasive.

Read the article in the Standard; headline with lurid innuendo, not one mention of the inhumane conditions, rather witness statements such as: “That spot is where you see loads of people crossing despite the lights being red. It’s a massive wake-up call.”

Be sure that if you are killed by the British motorised monster, there will be some idiot witness claiming that it was your fault.

This shopping area should prioritise walking and cycling. There should not be a signalled crossing here but a zebra crossing. Through motor traffic should be filtered or discouraged. Bus movement should have a 20kph (not mph) limit.

The first thing to change is the signal phasing. People should not have to wait more than 15 seconds and be able to cross in one go.

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