My response to TfL Pedestrian Safety Action Plan

“I welcome your Vision Zero goal: “We strive towards our longer term ambition of a city that is free from such incidents.”

However, there are key interventions that are missing from the Plan.
The key point is that at present TfL treats people on foot as second class citizens, forcing them to wait disproportionate times at traffic lights, not enforcing Rule 170 of the Highway Code, not considering desire lines when designing crossings.
Whenever there is a design conflict between safety of pedestrians and convenience of motorists, TfL chooses the latter.
People resent being treated second class. They don’t understand why a traffic light takes 45 seconds to turn green after pushing a button. It is an insult to human nature.
As a consequence, TfL encourages risky behaviour by pedestrians which results in KSIs.
Active travel needs to be prioritised over motorised travel.
These are some of the measures that are required:
1. Much more extensive use of zebra crossings (both at “informal” crossings and to replace button-operated signals)
2. Maximum 15 sec wait on button-operated signals
3. Removal of most staggered crossings
4. “Operation Rule 170” by the Metropolitan Police, to change the mindset of motorists who do not yield to pedestrians when turning
5. Publication of names of pedestrian victims of traffic violence, as you do for cyclists
6. Redrafting of Bus Companies contracts emphasising safety rather than speed.”
7. Strong pressure using all means (legal, shaming, withholding funds, etc.) to force all boroughs to adopt a default 20mph speed limit.

You can read the Plan here

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