Since when do you need a public consultation to fix something seriously wrong?

One of the most repugnant aspects of this country is the brazenness in using idiotic excuses for not doing a proper job, the classic example being “Health and Safety reasons”.

It is a tragic irony that in the case of the ” nastiest junction in London “, where a 52 year old was killed on Monday morning, Health and Safety should have compelled Transport for London to take urgent action and provide temporary measures to protect people cycling.

This was indeed the message that Stop Killing Cyclists demonstrated in December last year, and again reiterated by Donnachadh McCarthy yesterday: “There is buckets of space for segregated bypasses [at Vauxhall Cross] and it just needs to be done. We accept that many junctions need significant amounts of time [to improve], however you can put bypasses in quickly and cheaply.”

Indeed, this was the original mantra from Gilligan when he first unveiled the Cycling Vision, fourteen months ago. However no temporary precautionary measure has been put in place since then.

One would like to be kind to Gilligan, and assume that he has been frustrated by TfL monsters, such as Daniels and Hendy, whose bloodied hands just got redder.

But, when you hear the Cycling Commissioner, saying that these things take time because they need to pass through consultation processes (“This is the price of living in a democracy “) our Bullshit Thermometer goes out of scale, and we start to believe that he is part of the conspiracy to keep London roads at Third World levels.

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