Shame on you

There are only losers in war.
Here is a young Palestinian:
Such a young life, snuffed out in a few seconds.
In the past few days, four young people were robbed of their lives through violence on the killing fields of London:

Watch the video and you begin to feel what it is like to die too early, what it feels to watch someone being killed, what it feels having a loved one being robbed of his life.
And similar to the devastation in Gaza, London has been brutalised by authorities who embrace traffic violence against the welfare of ordinary citizens:
  • Children cannot ride safely to school
  • Pensioners don’t have sufficient time to cross the streets
  • Thousands killed by the smog
  • And pervasive noise and ugliness.

Shame on you, Netanyahu.
Shame on you, Hamas.
Shame on you, Boris Johnson, for prioritising “smoothing traffic flow”.
Shame on you, Peter Hendy and Leon Daniels for covering up the killings by Transport for London.
Shame on you, Metropolitan Police, for persistently siding with the violent people.
Shame on you, Transport Industry, for insisting on driving blind killing machines.
Shame on you, HSE, for refusing to investigate professional killers.
Shame on you, British Justice System, for refusing properly to prosecute and ban the violent people.
Shame on you, Department for Transport, for treating walking and cycling as second class.
These people are waging a war against us.
Vision Zero London will shame them to oblivion, until peace reigns on our streets.

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