Killing for an ideology

At the beginning of January the United Kingdom witnessed an atrocity that claimed as many victims as the number of people killed at the Charlie Hebdo building in Paris.
No major media outlet reported this atrocity. The public remained unaware. The killers are mostly still at large. There has been no national demonstration. No politician has mentioned it, let alone proposed new measures to tackle these terrorists. And yet this type of crime produces the largest number of victims in the country, more than homicides.
The reason is that the terrorists have won. They have seized power and brainwashed the population.
In the first 15 days of 2015 12 people were brutally killed while riding their bicycles on British roads. A similar number of people were probably butchered while walking, but we don’t have the precise number because the authorities refuse to publish timely statistics. (For example Transport for London and the Metropolitan Police still refuse to tell us how many pedestrians where killed in London in 2014. And Glasgow City Council is doing its best to cover up the Christmas massacre).
Terrorism is defined as the use or threat of violence for the purpose of advancing an ideological cause.
In this case the ideology is the belief that everyone has a right to drive a motor vehicle, that the roads were built for cars, and that killings by motorists are accidents.
The terrorists have won because these repulsive ideas have become accepted by the majority of people. For example, in a recent essay, Stephen Pinker confirms the thesis of his book which lauds the decrease of violence in the world in the past fifty years. At no point, does he mention traffic violence, which according to the World Health Organization is the number one cause of of violent death in the world. The number of vulnerable road users killed by motorists is at least thirty percent greater than the number of homicides.
We are hopeful that this barbaric state imposed by terrorists, will not last long. We believe that soon the public will feel ashamed and full of revulsion by the violence and cruelty of this ideology, which calls “accidents” brutal killings such as that of Stephanie Turner.¬†

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