Loadsamoney for loadsarubbish

Recently, As Easy As Riding A Bike has written a report on a piece of Q-rubbish installed by the City of London, from Farringdon Road to the Barbican.


Mark’s conclusion:

Which just about sums up the usefulness of this entire intervention. It’s a waste of money.

But just how much money?

This is the question that Caroline Russell MLA asked Transport for London. Here are the answers:

How much money did the Corporation of London receive from Transport for London for the Farringdon – Goswell street section of the central London cycling grid?

As part of the Central London Grid programme, there is a Quietway link in the City of London from Farringdon Road to the borough boundary with Islington on Chiswell Street. The alignment for this route follows West Smithfield – Hosier Lane – Cloth Fair – Middle Street – Beech Street. A number of improvements have been made including new segregated cycle tracks, mandatory cycle lanes, traffic islands, footway widening, lighting improvements and wayfinding. The City of London received a contribution of £593,500 from us for these works.

Please share the healthy streets check scores achieved by each section of each of the Quietways.

The Quietways have not been scored using the new Healthy Streets Check at present, but we would of course be happy to send these to Caroline when they have been finalised.


And the Corporation of London could not even bother to repaint some faded icons:


No-one, absolutely no-one uses this route because of the nonsensical meandering.

This is a contemptuous treatment of citizens and tax-payers.  We will urge the London Assembly to investigate deeper.

Images courtesy of As Easy Of Riding A Bike


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