Open letter to Jennette Arnold, London Assembly Member

Inconsiderate driving by TfL-regulated drivers


I am one of your constituents.

Everyday I ride my bicycle in the TfL-recommended primary position, and everyday I get hassled by TfL-regulated bus and taxi drivers.

Whenever I complain to the Police through their Roadsafe website, I receive an answer saying that my complaint has been passed to TfL. When I contact TfL, they refuse to reveal the result of their investigation (if indeed they undertook any).

This is a deeply unjust situation. I, and hundreds of thousands of other Londoners are victims of constant traffic violence by TfL-regulated drivers and TfL does nothing to curb this violence.

Can you please ask the Mayor:

1. Are TfL-regulated bus and taxi drivers trained in
a. respecting vulnerable road users
b. the TfL recommended riding position

2. Why doesn’t TfL nor the Metropolitan Police investigate allegations of dangerous driving? If either body claims they do, why don’t they release the outcome of their investigation to the victim?


Andrea Casalotti

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